Founder & CEO, WingS Lead Instructor

Since many years, Björn Schmidt has been a WingKids & WingTeen instructor and since 2019, he manages our school in Nova Scotia, Canada.
He began with martial arts in 2011 and continues to train passionately in Wing Fight several times per week.
Since 2011, Björn Schmidt has been a private student of Lutz Schmidt, the only holder of the 6. Black Belt in Germany, thus expanding his skills on a continuous basis.
The subject of nutrition is of great importance to him. In the past, he attended many seminars at the well-known Demeter Farm in Germany (Dottenfelderhof) and continues to develop a deeper understanding on a consistent basis.
He strives to expose his body to healthy and natural movements in order to be able to achieve anything he wants with a healthy and well-functioning body (Kite Flying, Climbing, Wingfight, etc.).
Next to WingFight, his passion lies in personal development, coaching, and increasing his performance capacity of brain and body.
Björn Schmidt’s enthusiasm includes Nature and every free minute which he spends with his children.