WingS Junior Coach in Amherst & Moncton

Greetings, I’m Ethen Neil, your Jounior Coach at WingS, and I’m excited to share my evolving journey with you. Introduced to martial arts in grade 5 with Shotokan Karate, I’ve continued to progress and currently hold a third-degree brown belt. Beyond martial arts, I’ve explored music, acting, skiing, and soccer. Now, on the brink of turning 18, I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Drama at Mount Allison University and am committed to mentorship. With a background in karate, Judo, and Tai Chi, I aspire to take my acting to the big screen while positively impacting the lives of our community’s children as we build their confidence and self-defense skills. Join me in shaping a brighter future for our WingKids!